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Elisabeth Ivarsflaten

Professor, University of Bergen

Picture of Elisabeth Ivarsflaten

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten is Professor of Political Science at the Department of Government, the University of Bergen. She heads the Research Group Democracy and Citizenship and serves as Scientific Director of the Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE).

Ivarsflaten is author of The Struggle for Inclusion: Muslim Minorities and the Democratic Ethos (Chicago University Press 2022, co-authored with Paul M. Sniderman). The book calls for a major new research program on inclusive politics and public opinion. In 2021, Ivarsflaten secured funding in the form of an ERC Consolidator Grant to pursue this research program in a major new research project (INCLUDE).

Important pre-cursors to the Inclusive Politics Project were ideas and articles co-developed and co-written with Scott Blinder and Robert Ford on the political consequences of the spread of motivation to control prejudice among publics in contemporary liberal democracies. The major statement of these ideas is, “The Better Angels of our Nature: How the Antiprejudice Norm Affects Policy and Party Preferences in Great Britain and Germany” (The American Journal of Political Science 2013).

In addition to developing the Inclusive Politics Project, Ivarsflaten has contributed several well-cited publications on far-right parties and voters in Europe. The most prominent among these is, “What Unites Right-Wing Populists in Western Europe?: Re-Examining Grievance Mobilization Models in Seven Successful Cases (Comparative Political Studies 2008). In 2016, main findings in that article were picked up and brought into the larger international public debate by Vox.com (https://www.vox.com/2016/3/14/11223852/german-state-election-2016) and The New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/02/world/americas/brexit-donald-trump-whites.html).

Ivarsflaten holds a B.A. from Columbia University (2000) and a D.Phil (2006) from the University of Oxford. Before joining the permanent faculty at the University of Bergen, she was Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College, The University of Oxford.

At the University of Bergen, Ivarsflaten initiated the first university-based online platform for survey research and time-sharing in Norway, the Norwegian Citizen Panel. In 2015, she received funding from the Trond Mohn Foundation to establish the novel social science infrastructure, the Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE). Since the end of the project in 2020 (https://mohnfoundation.no/elisabeth-ivarsflaten-har-levert-sluttrapport-for-digsscore-hun-imponerer/), the University of Bergen has continued funding DIGSSCORE and support its development.

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
Department of Comparative Politics
Digital Social Science Core Facility
University of Bergen
Rosenbersgate 35, 5015 Bergen

email: elisabeth.ivarsflaten@uib.no
url: ivarsflaten.w.uib.no
phone: +47 55 58 24 60
mobile: +47 45 67 16 63
post: Postboks 7802, 5020 Bergen