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Elisabeth Ivarsflaten

Professor, University of Bergen

Current research projects

Terms of Agreement: The Challenge of Muslim Inclusion (TERMS)

TERMS is a research project that examines the willingness of the majority population to include Muslim minorities alongside demonization of Muslims, especially in online media. Is it possible that both openness to inclusion and anti-Muslim activism are features of our time? And if so, how can that be explained?

Read more about TERMS at the DIGSSCORE website.

Exploring the Imaginations and Experiences of the Refugee Crisis (IMEX)

IMEX explores the view of both arriving asylum seekers and local Norwegians. The project investigates how the recently arrived asylum seekers have imagined and experienced Europe. In addition, it examines how members of local communities in Norway imagine and experience the arrival of the refugee crisis to Europe and to local communities in Norway. The project will rely on fieldwork, in-depth qualitative interviews, focus-groups and data from a large scale nationally representative survey, the Norwegian Citizen Panel.

Read more about IMEX at their webpages.

Democracy in the age of populism (DemoPOP)

The project aims to explore how the growth of the radical right has fuelled political polarization and mistrust – and what can be done about it. Linde will use the Norwegian Citizen Panel to collect data, and cooperate with Stefan Dahlberg and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, DIGSSCORE researchers and leaders, along with Andrej Kokkonen of Aarhus University and Eelco Harteveld, University of Amsterdam.

More information will be found at the DIGSSCORE website.

Can Fair Decision-Making Procedures Increase the Legitimacy of Democracies? (PROLEG)

The PROLEG project addresses how democratic institutions and decision-making bodies should organize decision-making procedures and implementation procedures in order to make them more legitimate in the eyes of the public. The project will investigate this issue and generate new knowledge that can be used to improve governance in the future.

Read more about PROLEG at their website.

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
Department of Comparative Politics
Digital Social Science Core Facility
University of Bergen
Rosenbersgate 35, 5015 Bergen

email: elisabeth.ivarsflaten@uib.no
url: ivarsflaten.w.uib.no
phone: +47 55 58 24 60
mobile: +47 45 67 16 63
post: Postboks 7802, 5020 Bergen